Nibbs & Beth

To Glen and his staff we would like to say thank you. You went beyond what we ever expected to fix our power problem. We first called Hydro and they came out, but after they had been there was no change with the fluctuating power in the house. Next we called ER Electric. Glen and his assistant came out, we explained the problems to them, microwave, washing machine, frig and lights nothing working right and off to work they went.

After many frustrating hours they just kept on coming up with the same problem, it has to be Hydro. Thanks to Glen he made a couple of phone calls insisting that it was Hydro and would they please send someone back out to check. Sure enough it was Hydro’s problem. We just can’t say enough about the professional manner in which our problems where looked after by Glen and staff and taking time to call back to make sure everything was OK. Thanks again.

– Nibbs & Beth

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