Standby Generator Installations

Living on the east side of the Island we are sometimes subjected to heavy snowfall and severe windstorms which ultimately lead to power failures. In some cases you could be several days without power. If you live in a more rural area that doesn’t always get the power back on during an outage quickly then you may want to consider having backup power installed.

In some cases it could be as simple as wiring in a separate breaker panel into your home so in the event of a power failure you’ll be able to safely plug in a gas powered portable generator to run some of your essential appliances such as your fridge/freezer, well pump, and lights. A more elaborate setup could include a complete backup generator installed and wired so that in the event of a power failure it comes on automatically providing your home or business with adequate power to keep you comfortable and not inconvenienced by the power loss.
ER Electric can consult with you and help you decide on what your best course of action will be to protect your household in the event of a power failure.

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