Service Panel Upgrades

If you’ve just bought any new major electrical appliance, hot tub, heat pump or you’re remodeling/adding onto your home then you may need to have a service panel upgrade done.  This is a very particular project and requires some careful thought and craftiness to produce the best quality (more importantly SAFE) installation.  ER Electric can upgrade your service panels safely and for a fair price.

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Electrical Service Upgrades are regularly performed on homes with 60 amp services, which insurance companies are requiring to be brought up to 100 amp service minimum.  The reason for this requirement is that the requirements for appliances in homes today create a much larger demand on your homes electrical panel and service.

If your electrical service panel is too small, you don’t have enough space for additional breakers for new appliance circuits and can cause safety concerns when work is performed utilizing incorrect parts in an attempt to make the electrical system work.

A common example is when breakers have circuits doubled up… this means that the circuit breakers have the potential to be overloaded and trip unnecessarily.  This can be both a nuisance and a safety issue as breakers often get replaced by incorrectly sized breakers to try to stop the nuisance tripping.

Many homeowners are opting for a 200 amp electrical service panel upgrade due to the requirements of heat pump systems which can easily overload an electrical service panel that is too small.  Hot tubs, Saunas, Swimming pools, and Revenue suites, In-Law Suites, and basement suites also substantially add to the homes need for more electricity.

While there are service sizes between 100 amp and 200 amp electrical services, the 125 amp and 150 amp electrical services tend to cost virtually the same as a 200 amp service.  The reason for this is that the majority of parts required for 125 amp and 150 amp electrical service are the same as that required for a 200 amp service.  This means that the final price for the electrical upgrade is about the same, if not the same price as a 200 amp upgrade.

Electrical breaker panels are sized based on the number of circuits that are typically required in a home, based on the size of the home and the size of the electrical service feed (60 amp, 100 amp, 125 amp, 150 amp and 200 amp).  There are several options available to increase the number of available circuit breaker slots, such as adding a sub panel or pony panel, or upgrading or replacing your existing panel with a larger service breaker panel.

Our electricians can assist you with choosing the correct size of electrical panel and service for your homes needs and can assist you in determining the correct budget for your electrical breaker panel and service upgrade.

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