Buying or Selling a Home in the Central Vancouver Island Region?

We would like to offer our congratulations!  At ER Electric, we specialize in Repairs, Renovations, and Residential rewires; where wiring needs to be done while avoiding the expense of major repairs to walls or ceilings….

Services we can provide to both buyers and sellers:

Home Electrical Safety (Inspection) Audit.   If you have any concerns about your homes electrical wiring safety and feel that you would be more comfortable if a certified master electrician gave your home an electrical safety audit to make sure that everything is indeed safe, we’re happy to assist.  To learn more about having your home electrical safety inspected or have questions about the inspection process for assessing electrical risk, visit our Electrical Safety Audit page by clicking here.

Fixture Replacement to update the look of the home. This is generally an inexpensive update that dramatically improves the look and makes a home more appealing. Choosing the right fixtures can dramatically increase the brightness of any room. With the addition of some strategically placed dimmers, a variety of moods can be created to drastically improve a rooms function and comfort.

Testing and updating of smoke detectors, ground fault protected devices and breakers to ensure that the home is safe for your family.

Installation of additional receptacles, lights or switches in areas where there were previously none. Many believe that this work can only be accomplished while the home is being built or if walls and
ceilings are removed, making the wiring accessible for changes. While it is easier to do this type of wiring with the walls open, it is not necessary. A knowledgeable electrician with the right tools and a little
creativity can accomplish much of this wiring while minimizing repair work… and in many cases avoid repair work altogether.

Whole home rewiring to remove or replace outdated wiring systems such as knob and tube or aluminum wiring. While many insurance companies are demanding complete disconnection and removal of knob and tube wiring
or aluminum wiring, our team of professionals are experienced in working with both and can assist home owners with the strategic replacement of such wiring, often allowing the homeowner to save money while keeping the insurance companies happy.

We also perform 100 amp and 200 amp electrical service upgrades. If your homes electrical service is out of date, too small, or of a discontinued style of breaker or fuse…. We can update it for you. Panel Changes and service upgrades for insurance purposes or to meet the new requirements of new appliances or the addition of such things as hot tubs or saunas can be done by the professionals at ER Electric.  Click the link for more information on electrical service upgrades.

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