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We Offer 'Put-It-And-Forget-It' Solutions

When it comes to performing electrical work, we understand that our clients aren't looking for a quick fix that will get them by for a week or two...

We offer Lasting Solutions...

The key to Selling a Mobile Home Quickly is to ensure that the electrical system is in tip top condition and meets the requirements for Mobile Home Recertification with a Mobile Home Silver Label. Our electricians have specialized training in renovations and troubleshooting and repair. These skills are key in ensuring that a Mobile Home Recertification goes smoothly and as cost effectively as possible. And then, We offer the best options to solve your electrical needs!

We offer electrical and lighting design services, to ensure your mobile home is certified again with the required silver label, so that your real estate agent can get it listed as quickly as possible and so that you can get the maximum value from the sale or your mobile home. Then, our team of electricians and apprentices can take care of making sure that it is all installed to meet your needs and all of the safety codes, as well.

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