Home Electrical Safety Audit


10 Signs Of
Potential Electrical Danger

Lighting Issues

  • Light bulbs burn out quickly, flickering, blink or went dead.
  • Some lights get extra bright while others run dim
  • Dimmers feel hot

Outlet issues

  • One plug works and the other doesn’t
  • Burn marks on plugs
  • Plugs are hot or plugs spark when used


  • Trip (turn off) easily under normal use
  • Breakers are loose (don’t feel snappy when used).


  • Smoke detectors work properly
  • GFI’s operational (kitchen/bath/outdoor plugs)


We will check your home for many of the most common electrical dangers. When finished, you will be given a report of any repairs/upgrades, if any, to make your home safe.

If we find any safety concerns, we will gladly deduct $50 of the cost of the initial
inspection from any work being performed.




Electrical Safety Audits are available for Clients in Duncan, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Lantzville, Parksville and Qualicum areas. For other areas, please contact us prior to ordering your Electrical Safety Audit.

And Now, the not so Fine Print…

An Electrical Safety Audit is not a substitute for an inspection of new electrical wiring as required by the Canadian Electrical Code. For projects requiring an inspection by the governing authority, please visit www.safetyauthority.ca.