Earl Campbell

A testimonial for Home Maintenance Services and Glen Lowinger, personally.

The very best advertising of any service or product is by the personal experience that others have in relation to those two.

In this testimonial to Glen, I can personally recommend him as a very honest and knowledgeable electrician who knows his trade so well that he is able to save his customers huge amounts, in both time and money, and when a lot of other electricians may be charging you by the hour for their time, that can add up very fast.

The key that I found with Glen is that he knows exactly what to do in any and all situations regarding electrical problems, and what he needs to rectify the situation, so he will give you his total estimate right up front with no extra hidden costs later. I first heard about Glen from a neighbour who heard about him from someone else. You could see how the word of mouth from others is the very best way to find an honest and knowledgeable person.

I’m very happy to recommend Glen to any person or company.

– Earl Campbell



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